The AFL requires one ERC (minimum compentency) trained volunteer to be present at all AFL events.

An ERC trained volunteer is someone that has completed the Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC) Course.  The training targets junior, suburban and country football clubs that may not have a qualified Level 1 sports trainer available to attend games, training/practice sessions.

The ERC volunteers will need to complete an ERC course to and be present at games to enable football clubs, teams and volunteers to meet the minimum standards and requirements of the AFL regarding management of on-field emergencies & injuries.

The ERC will have the necessary skills required for emergency assessment, planning, on-field injury management and response priorities.

Introduction – the role of the Emergency Response Coordinator

  • Emergency planning
  • Emergency response priorities / on-field assessment of injured participants
  • Concussion Management
  • On-field communication
  • Calling ambulance
  • Transporting injured participants

There are a number of AFL endorsed ERC providers.

National First Aid

Vital First Aid

Workplace First Aid