PlayHQ Season Setup Checklist

Once you have attended your first training session & your league administrator has granted your club access to the PlayHQ System – this checklist will ensure you tick off all the tasks that your club needs to complete in order to be ready for accepting 2022 registrations.

PlayHQ User Guides

The PlayHQ user guides are a step-by-step guide to your administrative needs to deliver Community Football Seasons.

For a deep dive into the PlayHQ system, download your PDF guide below.

Additional Resources

These additional guides will help you get the most out of the PlayHQ platform with information on our integrated Communications (Mailchimp) and Website (Wix) platforms, along with answers to some commonly asked questions.

  • How to claim your Wix Website – Information on the options and support available to clubs when creating a new Wix website or maintaining their current website.
  • How to Integrate Mailchimp Communications – This guide has been designed to help you understand how to set up and synchronise your Mailchimp account with PlayHQ so your club can easily and efficiently communicate with your participants
  • Communication Guide for Community Clubs – There are many options available to you when communicating with your audiences, this guide gives an overview of the best options for different types of messages.
  • What’s happening to my Data? – All the required information for players to register & participate in 2022 will be available in PlayHQ. This guide gives an overview of the additional historical data & website information.