10 Simple Things You Can Do to Grow Girls Footy at Your Club

  1. Identify a female football coordinator or advocate on your committee.
  2. Promote girls only opportunities on Facebook. Ensure your imagery reflect girls having fun at football.
  3. Make sure the information is clear on your Club Website and easy to find - relevant age groups, images of your female teams, etc.
  4. Bring a friend – incentivise girls players or parents who bring a friend, i.e. discounted membership.
  5. Engage senior women's team to provide coaching or a 'gala event'.
  6. Promote within schools a free 'girls only' clinic at your club held prior to season starting / put on a BBQ / hire inflatables from your local AFL region game development staff.
  7. If you don't quite had enough players for a team, consider combining with another local club.
  8. Engage with your local community Auskick centre and invite older Auskickers to join your Junior Club.
  9. Explore low commitment ways to engage women and girls in your club initially – i.e. Social AFL9s competition, a footy themed bootcamp, a come and try day.
  10. Be flexible with your approach to commitment, encouraging them to attend at least one training session a week or play them every two weeks if they have commitment clashes.