The AFL have developed some tools to support best practice use of both umpire and player rooms as we strive to implement Towards 2030, the AFL National Infrastructure Plan, with the aim of incorporating the messaging and best practice into the revised Preferred Facility Guidelines for 2023.

Please display these assets in your respective player and umpire rooms.

The flyers are available in three designs, depending on your preferred format for each venue:

They are designed to assist with umpire and player rooms that are yet to meet our preferred facility guidelines and are to be used as a guide on how to best use the player or umpire spaces that you have, maximising umpire and player safety and wellbeing.

A feedback form has been developed for our football community to provide constructive feedback around the flyer and suggestions for our Preferred Facility Guidelines. In the first instance however, we encourage clubs to work with their councils and facility managers to identify facility gaps and advocacy for funding, accordingly, bringing the AFL in to these discussions as needed.