Quick guide to setting up women and girls teams

Women and Girls are the fastest growing segment of our game.

In 2019, more than 586,000 females participated in Australian Football through introductory programs and competitions.

Since the introduction of the AFLW in 2017, female participation has boomed with more than 67,000 female registered club participants which represents 182% growth since 2016.

With so many women and girls being introduced to the game each year, it is important to understand the benefits of becoming a inclusive Football Club and some of the strategies you can use to not only attract more women and girls to your club, but also to ensure you retain them.

The benefits of women and girls at your club include:

  • The ability to attract more members, supporters and volunteers
  • The ability to attract more players
  • Diversification, leading to better decision-making
  • Wider sponsorship and fundraising appeal
  • More-appealing social atmosphere
  • Representative of and meeting the needs of your community

Setting up a new women or girls football team for the first time can seem daunting to clubs that have traditionally catered for male players only. Clubs that have women and girls teams are full of praise over the positive impact they have had on their club. These clubs also report that recruiting women and girls was easier than they first expected, particularly those that followed a few simple steps.

The Club Help resources provide:

  • A series of checklists for your club to work through to ensure you provide a safe and inclusive environment.
  • A summary of the opportunities to get girls involved with suggestions as to who within your club can take responsibility for implementing various strategies.
  • Strategies which can assist your club to successfully recruit and engage women and girls in playing, coaching and administration roles

Clubs who have already successfully recruited women and girls may find the checklists useful for appraising their current strategies and providing fresh ideas for them to address to make the experience even better.

The following is a series of tips, resources and checklists for your club to use;

  1. First impressions of your club
  2. Creating an inclusive environment
  3. Inclusive Language
  4. Importance of suitable uniforms
  5. Why do women and girls play sport?
  6. NAB AFL Auskick
  7. Recruiting new players
  8. Coaching resources
  9. Facilities
  10. Grants, Sponsorship and Fundraising