The Importance of Suitable Uniforms

Uniforms encourage girls to play sport and be physically active.

Body image plays a key role for girls to participate in sport and physical activity – uniforms are an important influence. In many sports, girls are still playing in uniforms and using equipment designed for boys.

Research recently conducted by Victoria University which examined the role that uniforms play in increasing the confidence of girls to participate in sport and physical activity. Read the Report.

The key characteristics identified were:

  • Uniforms that make girls feel ready for sport
  • Clothing that fits them well
  • Dark coloured shorts/skirts/pants
  • Uniforms made from appropriate materials
  • No unisex clothing
  • Options that do not make girls feel over-exposed.

What Leagues/Clubs can do:

  • When ordering uniforms, speak to your suppliers about female cut uniforms – this will ensure they fit well, are made from suitable material and don’t make women & girls feel over-exposed
  • Allow girls to try on uniforms prior to ordering
  • Don’t just give your female teams the hand me down uniforms from the male teams
  • Reconsider the need for the traditional white ‘away’ shorts – these make girls feel uncomfortable – instead opt for dark colors
  • Allow girls to wear bike shorts underneath their shirts

Hear from Women & Girls themselves

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A small change making a BIG difference in women's sport, BTYB Toyota

Daisy Pearce, Alisa Camplin and Hannah Darlington on how equipment designed for women is changing the sporting landscape

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Toyota Good for Footy Gear Grant

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