Why do Women and Girls play sport?

AUS Sport identify the key motivators for Women in Sport as;

  • Health/fitness
  • Enjoyment
  • Social Reason
  • Psychological/mental health benefits
  • To be outdoors/enjoy nature
  • To lose/manage body weight
  • Walk the dog
  • Active transport
  • Hobby
  • Performance/Competitions

Barriers for Women and Girls playing sport include;

Barriers (Women)

  • Not enough time/too many other commitments
  • Cost (child care, transport, facilities, specific clothing/equipment)
  • Concerns/self-consciousness about appearance, body image, skills
  • Poor health or injury
  • Competitive/male dominated sports culture
  • Limited media coverage/role models
  • Social stereotyping (sexuality and ability), harassment
  • Peer pressure (to not participate)

Barriers (girls)

  • Being the wrong age (too old/young) for available activities is the primary barrier for children up to 8 years.
  • For girls 9-14 years the main barriers are:
  • Lack of confidence (in competence/self)
  • Don’t like sport or physical activity
  • Not enough time/too many other commitments
  • Cost of activities/transport