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The verdict: We rate your club's draft haul

Cal Twomey, Ben Guthrie make the final call on each club's draft night

11:17pm  Nov 24, 2017

Draft wrap: Lions' top pick, Freo's big call

Lions select Victorian midfielder with first pick in 2017 draft

9:22pm  Nov 24, 2017

Ten talking points from a big draft night

Louie the Lip lives on, Billy bounces to Roos, Tassie rejoices, and more

12:01am  Nov 25, 2017

Going places: Every draft gun has a story

Going Places: OCD and the search for perfection

Draft prospect Jaidyn Stephenson has always wanted things just so

7:00am  Nov 15, 2017

Going Places: What's 'pissed off' this top prospect?

Draft gun finishes off the season well, but has poor championships

7:00am  Nov 14, 2017

Going Places: The country kid who's a self-described 'lion'

Lochie O'Brien moves away from his family to chase his dream

9:55pm  Nov 13, 2017

'Dumb courage'

GOING PLACES: Jarrod Berry learns to curb his enthusiasm

7:06am  Nov 15, 2016

'Nothing comes easy'

GOING PLACES: The grief driving Jarrod Berry's crack at the big time

6:56pm  Nov 14, 2016

Where I want to be

GOING PLACES: Draft's best WA player reveals where he wants to go

7:03am  Nov 8, 2016

Ride 'em, Sammo

GOING PLACES: The making of outback cowboy Sam Petrevski-Seton

7:20pm  Nov 7, 2016

'That could be me'

GOING PLACES: As draft picks change hands, Ben Ainsworth considers a move north

7:17pm  Nov 3, 2016

Ben Ainsworth's crunch time

GOING PLACES: Split-second call goes wrong for gun Morwell prospect

7:02am  Nov 2, 2016

'Nothing will be the same'

GOING PLACES: Harley Balic rolls the dice on a wrist injury

7:02am  Nov 17, 2015

Balic's big call

GOING PLACES: For talented junior Harley Balic, it's time to choose

8:15am  Nov 16, 2015

Reality bites for Ah Chee

GOING PLACES: Where's the running? Where are the goals?

7:01am  Nov 10, 2015

This hanger's no fluke

GOING PLACES: Pedigree prospect Callum Ah Chee has a point to prove

7:04am  Nov 9, 2015

No footy, but a top-20 hope

Ryan Burton's talent keeps clubs keen despite his footy setbacks

7:00am  Nov 5, 2015

'I thought it was all over'

How a possible No.1 pick learned to cope with a horror injury

7:50pm  Nov 4, 2015

Dons ask: How's your maths?

GOING PLACES: As clubs circle draft prospect, one approach stands out

7:05am  Oct 27, 2015

A footy nut feels the heat

EXCLUSIVE SERIES: Draft jet Darcy Tucker cops the recruiters' blowtorch

7:06am  Oct 26, 2015

Standing on the outside

As D-Day approaches, Lachie Weller knows where he'll probably play

7:02am  Nov 13, 2014

A nagging, tagging pain

Here's the problem: in the under-18s, everyone's out to get noticed

7:03am  Nov 12, 2014

Model prospect

Lachie Weller steps up on the footy ground and steps out for the cameras

10:30pm  Nov 11, 2014

The good oil

GOING PLACES: Draft hopeful Lachie Weller shadows the stars

7:02am  Nov 10, 2014

Time to spell Gatorade backwards

How are your skinfolds, and can you spell Gatorade backwards?

6:21am  Nov 7, 2014

Can you take a hit?

Recruiters' big question for draft speedster Jarrod Pickett

7:04am  Nov 6, 2014

'I won't waste this'

EXCLUSIVE SERIES: Jarrod Pickett's burning desire to continue a family tradition

10:15pm  Nov 5, 2014

Get set. GO!

EXCLUSIVE SERIES: We catch up with Jarrod Pickett (nobody else can)

10:42am  Nov 4, 2014

In the hot seat

Six AFL clubs interview prospective No.1 pick Paddy McCartin

7:02am  Oct 30, 2014

'You don't want to be a flog'

Draft star Paddy McCartin reluctantly prepares for the big time

7:01am  Oct 29, 2014

'What just happened?'

Paddy McCartin's debut in Australian colours lasts 30 seconds

7:03am  Oct 28, 2014

Diagnosis nearly derailed McCartin's dream

Twelve months out from the draft, Paddy McCartin was barely conscious

7:02am  Oct 27, 2014

#AskPetracca: racehorses, tunes and draft jets

Check out draft gun Christian 'Truck' Petracca's answers to your Twitter questions

11:15am  Oct 23, 2014

'How much do you want this?'

EXCLUSIVE SERIES: Recruiters circle as Christian Petracca hits a wall

9:30pm  Oct 23, 2014

'I want to be No.1'

EXCLUSIVE SERIES: Christian Petracca ramps up his draft ambitions

7:02am  Oct 22, 2014

Going Places: Petracca the joker gets a clip

EXCLUSIVE SERIES: Christian Petracca likened to a Hawthorn great

7:04am  Oct 21, 2014

Going Places: Petracca shooting for the top

Starting an exclusive series, Christian Petracca says no to an NBA dream

7:04am  Oct 20, 2014