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Braeden Campbell in action for the Allies. Picture: AFL Photos

Braeden Campbell

The Swans appear set to strike gold again from their Academy, with Campbell a possible top-10 selection.

Campbell's strengths are clear: he's fast, he breaks the lines, he balances his inside and outside midfield game and he's a deadly left-foot kick.

That was on show on the morning of last year's AFL Grand Final, when Campbell booted three goals from 14 disposals to be best afield in the NAB All Stars 'Futures' game.

2020 Draft Prospects Braeden Campbell
Club Sydney Academy/Allies
Position Midfielder
Date of Birth 4/2/02
Height 180cm
Weight 73kg
01:51 Mins
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Could this be Sydney's next Academy star?

Sydney Academy prospect Braeden Campbell could end up being an early pick in this year's NAB AFL Draft thanks to his brilliant speed and game-breaking abilities

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