Finals Ticketing Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

No refund or exchange on any ticket except as required by law. In the event of extenuating circumstances the AFL may facilitate a refund of the ticket if the ticket holder was not permitted access to the ground due to any COVID-19 restrictions or if the ticket holder can produce supporting evidence of his/her incapacity to attend any match during the Finals Series. If a refund is made, the ticket agent may, to the extent permitted by law, retain any fee it has charged.

The AFL is unable to guarantee that the current border arrangements between States and Territories will remain unchanged for the duration of the Finals Series and consequently your purchase of accommodation and flights to attend matches is at your own risk.

Concession Policy

A person must have the appropriate form of concession to purchase a concession ticket. They must present the relevant concession documentation at point of purchase and upon entry to the ground. A second form of identification (e.g. drivers’ licence, Medicare card, credit card) may be requested when purchasing or utilising a concession ticket to verify the concession entitlement.

Patrons holding one of the following cards are eligible to purchase a ticket at the concession rate;

  • Centrelink issued: Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)*
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs card or Department of Veterans' Affairs issued Pensioner Concession Card*
  • Full time secondary or tertiary student cards^
  • Centrelink issued: Health Care Card (HCC)*

The AFL is a National Affiliate of the Companion Card program and we agree to provide an admission ticket for the cardholder's companion at no charge. The Companion Card program is applicable at all AFL Venues.

*Cardholders only (not dependents) are entitled to the concession price
^ Does not include International Student cards

Please note: During the members pre-sale Club members are required to purchase a finals ticket that is equivalent to the type of membership that they hold (i.e Adult members can only purchase an Adult finals ticket).

Junior Policy

Weeks 1 -3

Children aged 4-14 as at 1 January 2020 are eligible to purchase a junior ticket. Children aged 3 and under as at 1 January 2020 are entitled to enter the ground at no charge; however they must not occupy a seat.

Persons aged 15 and over as at 1 January 2020  are classified as an adult, unless they hold valid Concession identification.

Changes to the Event

The AFL reserves the right to add, withdraw, reschedule and/or vary advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.

Ticket Replacements

Tickets that have been lost or stolen may be replaced as long as relevant identification can be provided to confirm information of the initial sale. Tickets purchased through the ticket agent can only be replaced by the agent by either contacting them prior to the event or at the Box Office on match day.

For Grand Final ticket replacements, patrons will need to contact the place of purchase. The ticket agent cannot replace these tickets.

Wheelchair, Accessible Seating and Carer Seats

Wheelchair and carer seats will be charged the applicable price category of the bay it is positioned in. In some circumstances the AFL and the Venue may adjust some of these to ensure there are wheelchair and carer positions available in every price category.

Conditions of Entry

Please refer to the AFL standard conditions of entry.


Any personal details collected by the AFL in connection with the provision of a ticket are collected and may only be used in accordance with the AFL’s Privacy Policy.