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DREW Petrie is still coming to terms with the "surreal" reality this will be his final season at North Melbourne, but the forward has called for angry fans to stop venting at coach Brad Scott for culling four veteran Roos.

Petrie, games record holder Brent Harvey, Michael Firrito and Nick Dal Santo were told this week they won't be offered contracts for next season.

The decision was announced so the quartet could be given a hometown send-off against Greater Western Sydney at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night, but hearing the news still came as a shock for Petrie.

"It's all happened really quickly. I don't think the full magnitude of this being my last season has hit me yet," Petrie said on Friday.

"But that's because we've got a game this weekend and then our third finals series in a row to contend in, and that's where the focus is at the moment is for me.

"There hasn't been any tears roll down my cheek yet, but maybe when I walk off the ground for the last time that might occur.

"(The conversation with Scott) went fine. It really did. It was a surprise, when the words come out of the coach's mouth, it's a bit of a surreal moment where you don't really absorb it until you walk away and leave the club and go home.

"I told my wife, told my family and that's when then it starts to sink in a bit more.

"But the conversation was that, it was a conversation, it wasn't anything I couldn't handle or wasn't prepared for.

"The club's been really respectful the way they've treated me over 16 seasons, I've had a really good run at it."

Petrie doesn’t want to stand in the way of North's youngsters and the 314-gamer said it was too soon to think about whether he might play on at another club next season.

"My body's feeling good, so I feel capable to continue, but I'd hate to get in the way of the future of this footy club," he said.

"I want the club to thrive now and I want the club to thrive throughout the next generation.

"If the club doesn't see me as a part of that, then I'm absolutely fine with that and I'm happy to step aside and make sure that this club can be finals contenders for the next five years as well."

Petrie said the only part of the week he would change is the backlash directed at Scott and hoped fans didn't protest during the clash against the Giants.

"The only part I'd like to change is the unfair way that Brad's been treated in the last three days," Petrie said.

"The way the media's reported this decision and the backlash from small pockets of North Melbourne people has been poor – and I'm really disappointed that that's the case.

"I hope on Saturday night that North Melbourne fans will get out and support this footy club and support Brad and support all the players because it was a tough decision to be made.

"But he has got the best interests of the club at heart for now and planning for the future.

"I've heard a few whispers about bits and pieces that might go on (on Saturday night).

"That would be the minority, 99 per cent of North fans are rippers, we had a great turn out at training and those small pockets can hang their heads in shame if they decide to behave like they do tomorrow night."