SHOULD this week's Friday night loser pack it up for 2019? What's your go-to feed at the footy? Who's leading the Mark of the Year? Is it right to boo your own team?

The AFL Exchange podcast is back and answering all the tough questions this season – on and off the field.

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Join reporters Callum Twomey, Mitch Cleary and Riley Beveridge as they take you inside the AFL media world and delve into the big questions surrounding the game – and some of the not so big.

As well as addressing the key issues ahead of round three, AFL Exchange will also delve into cultural elements of the game, plus debut a new segment with some former stars on social media.

In this week's episode ...

The guys debut a new segment centred around some former stars on social media, discuss Geelong's leadership, the Match Review findings and Tom Liberatore's impact at the Dogs. Plus…

Episode guide

1:11 – Is it season over for the loser of Essendon and Melbourne on Friday night?

6:47 – What's your favourite feed at the footy? 

8:48 – Out of every player in the competition, who are you picking to be the face of a new franchise?

10:57 – Who's got Mark of the Year to date? 

11:59 – The guys name the biggest injustice of the sporting week in new segment 'Right in front of me'.

15:06 – Who has the best nickname in footy?

16:55 – What's the most bizarre thing you've seen on a footy field?  

18:15 – Your ultimate radio call team?

20:19 – Do players understand how journos get news?