ROSS Stevenson, the man who writes an annual love letter to footy, is this week's special guest on In The Game with Damian Barrett

The Hawthorn tragic is arguably Australia's most successful radio host during a near-30 years of ratings dominance in the breakfast slot on 3AW. 

Stevenson's sharp wit and unique worldly ways come to the fore in this podcast.

And, in listening to and engaging with talkback callers – "the original social media" his entire radio life - he has a very good grasp on how and why football issues in 2019 can often reach the outrage stage within minutes.

There's two very apt acronyms he uses to describe that behaviour – DORT and FOLFTH.

We'll let him explain here …

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Episode guide

3:36 - Why Ross uses a different name

5:50 - 'Talk radio is the original form of social media'

7:45 - What is DORT and FOLFTH?

10:12 - Passion for the Hawks

13:35 - Ross Stevenson, the board member?

15:24 - Jeff Kennett and his comments on security

19:11 - Favourite players

20:22 - A love letter to footy

25:06 - 'Sydney and Melbourne aren't two different cities, they're two different countries'

29:30 - The birth of The Rumour File

31:53 - John Clarke memories

36:20 - Personality soup