NAB AFL Fantasy coaches have been trading their way over the last 19 rounds for a place in the top eight of their leagues and a shot at premiership glory.

The finals kick off this weekend following the same structure as the real thing when September rolls around.

Coaches finishing in the top four get a double chance in the qualifying finals this round while those ranked fifth to eighth face elimination. 

There is no ‘home ground advantage’, but in the case of a drawn game, the higher ranked team will get the win against their name.

If you are playing off for a place in a preliminary final, you could Grand Final hopes would get a massive boost if you can get a week off.

Put simply, if you have the week off in your league after booking your place in the preliminary final, you will have two trades to do whatever you wish, without the pressure of a match-up to worry about. 

Grabbing some cash will be the strategy of choice for some coaches so they can spend up in round 22. 

Another bonus is not having to worry about some of your premiums being rested (for one week anyway).

Wherever you are on your Fantasy Classic ladder, there is hope for you.

Even if you missed the top eight, you can take on others in the consolation finals series.

Get your team ready for the finals by joining our resident Fantasy experts, The Traders, in the live chat from 6.15pm. Warnie, Roy and Calvin will be discussing the best trade options, captaincy picks and analysing the ins and outs ahead of round 20.