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Tippett's manager banned for at least 12 months

AFLPA bans Blucher; discusses drugs summit Ian Prendergast on banning Tippett's manager and negotiations on illicit drugs policy.
Kurt Tippett of the Swans addresses the media during the Sydney Swans pre-season training at Lakeside Oval, Sydney. (Photo: Craig Golding/AFL Media)
Kurt Tippett is now with the Sydney Swans
KURT Tippett's manager, Peter Blucher, has had his licence to manage AFL players revoked for a minimum of 12 months.

Blucher faced a hearing in front of the AFL Players' Association's agents accreditation board on Thursday, the same panel that handled the case against former player-manager Ricky Nixon.

Friday's decision marks the end of the scandal over draft tampering and salary cap rorting that saw former Adelaide forward Tippett banned from playing for half of the 2013 season.

Tippett was also fined $50,000, while the Crows were fined $300,000 and excluded from the first two rounds of the 2012 NAB AFL Draft.

CEO Steven Trigg was suspended for six months and football manager Phil Harper was banned for two months over Tippett's 2009 contract.

Accreditation board chairman Ian Prendergast said Blucher had cooperated throughout the investigation.

The board's decision was unanimous, and Blucher did not dispute the charges.  

"I think Peter's explanation was certainly very human … but he accepted the findings of the investigator in terms of the facts that were set out in that report and the charges," Prendergast said.  

He said "negligence" was the focus of Thursday's findings, where Blucher was found guilty on five charges:

- Was in breach of his obligation to act in the legitimate best interests of his client player Kurt Tippett;
- Was in breach of his obligation to act in a professional manner and to exercise due care and skill at all times;
- Was in breach of his obligation to maintain an up to date and thorough working knowledge of the AFL Player Rules and other relevant Rules and Regulations of the AFL;
- Engaged in conduct that was materially detrimental to his client Kurt Tippett; and
- Made false declarations whilst acting in his capacity as an accredited agent.

Blucher works with Brisbane-based Velocity Sports.

About 45 players are affected by the ruling, but the company has other accredited agents that can handle their affairs.

The AFLPA had no power to take action against the management company, but Prendergast said tighter regulations were being introduced.

"There are obviously some legal considerations around us having the ability to do that," he said.

"We have just introduced amended regulations on the first of January this year which are certainly broader in terms of our ability to capture other people."  

If Blucher wants to re-apply for his accreditation next year, he'll need to sit and pass a three-and-a-half hour exam.

Blucher did not respond when contacted by

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