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Hands off for 'SOS' over father-son Blue

Silvagni comes home to Carlton Blues legend on his new role as list manager at the club where he played 312 games
If they are good enough, I'm removed from that decision process. I want to make that clear
Stephen Silvagni, on his sons possibly being drafted to Carlton
NEW CARLTON list manager Stephen Silvagni will not be part of talks surrounding the potential drafting of his son Jack in 12 months' time.

Jack Silvagni, the eldest of the former Carlton fullback's three sons, is eligible to be drafted in 2015 and could be selected by the Blues under the father-son rule.

After returning to the Blues as general manager of list management and strategy, Silvagni – a champion of 312 games for the club – said he would be removed from any talks that included his son.

"Steven [Trigg] and I have addressed that situation ... and clearly we've got to make sure that, number one, the boys are good enough to play, and secondly they've got to want to play," Silvagni said on Thursday at Visy Park.

"If they are good enough, I'm removed from that decision process. I want to make that clear.

"I'll step away from that and ultimately that will be left up the rest of the recruiting department and Andrew McKay."

The Blues maintain Silvagni was the right man to take over their list management because of his broad experience in a range of roles across five AFL clubs, and not because of his Carlton heritage.

But Silvagni, who spent four years at GWS, admitted he had always been a "Carlton person" at heart and had taken his three boys – Jack, Ben and Tom – to Blues' games even when he wasn't involved with the club.

He said the situation surrounding Jack had been dealt with and had no concern it would be an issue next year, or with his other sons in years to come.

"When I agreed to come here and I'd spoken to Steven, it was basically put on the table," he said.

"It was quite simple that I step away from the process and I think it makes it a lot easier for me as a father but also for the club as well."