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Boo Goodes, and you're a bigot: Scott

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GEELONG, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 21: Chris Scott, Senior Coach of the Cats looks on during the 2015 AFL round twelve match between the Geelong Cats and the Melbourne Demons at Simonds Stadium, Geelong on June 21, 2015. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media)
Geelong coach Chris Scott

GEELONG coach Chris Scott says any fans that boo Adam Goodes from now on will be showing they are bigots. 

The Cats face the Sydney Swans in round 19, the first away match for the Swans since the booing furore arose in the wake of Lewis Jetta's indigenous war dance of support for Goodes in Perth last weekend. 

Scott said he couldn't imagine anyone wanting to boo Goodes now unless they wanted to confirm to the world they were bigots, and the Geelong-Swans clash would be an opportunity for Cats supporters to show leadership on the issue. 

Het said he did not want to lecture supporters on how they should behave, but the issue was now really clear in relation to Goodes. 

"The reality is now, whether we like it or not, booing indigenous players and specifically Adam Goodes has a racist overtone so on that basis it should stop," Scott said.

He said the discussion in the past few days had made it clear what the issues were, even though the question of why people had booed Goodes previously was complicated.  

"Adam has come out and said it is affecting him and he considers it has a racist element to it. On that basis if you go ahead and boo him from now on you're accepting that people are assuming that you are doing it for reasons based on race," Scott said.

Scott said one of the positives of what had become an ugly situation was that the AFL community had galvanised behind Goodes. 

"We want Adam Goodes playing the game. He is going to make it harder for us in a couple of weeks … but it's good for footy," Scott said.  

"Unless you have been out of earshot for the last couple of days you wouldn't be doing it [booing Goodes] unless you want to confirm to the whole world that you are a bigot."

Meanwhile Geelong is preparing to play the Brisbane Lions, featuring former Cats premiership player Allen Christensen.

The Cats received pick draft No.21 when Christensen left the club during last year's trade period and the former midfielder said he expected some hostility from Geelong fans.

Scott said he would not lecture fans on how to respond to Christensen, but reminded them that he left the club for personal reasons. 

"We have a preference and that is that we treat our ex-players with respect," Scott said.