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Sliding Doors: Grand Final week

If one name keeps coming up as a trade option out of the Eagles ... - AFL,Trade,Sliding Doors,column,West Coast Eagles,Grand Final
If one name keeps coming up as a trade option out of the Eagles ...

If Lever and Cameron will be the big outs ... then Gibbs will pick up some of the slack and we've got no doubt another big name will also join.

If we've all got swept up in the feel-good factor of Hodge coming out of retirement ... then when everything settles we'll all realise we're talking about a banged-up 33-year-old who didn't seem to have a lot left in the tank when he retired. 

If Smith, Kennedy and Griffen all end up leaving the Giants for the Blues ... then we won't be surprised. 

If things weren't rosy between Buckley and Maxwell a few years ago ... then things must have changed in order for Maxwell to return.


Stringer ends up in a forward line alongside Daniher and Hooker ...

then look out.


If Wilson and Matera are added to the Dockers ... then it's a good trade period starting point. But need a whole lot more.

If you've meticulously planned Ablett's return for the best part of 18 months ... then make the deal official on the first day of trade period.

If you keep saying you'll make Ablett sit out 2018 if you don't get the right deal ... then we don't believe you. He'll be playing next year no matter what happens.

Exclusive club: Gary Ablett congratulates Dustin Martin at the 2017 Brownlow Medal

If player depth was once envied ... then it's not now. Has the window actually shut?

If Vickery stays on the list in 2018 ... then Clarko's plans haven't worked out.


Watts doesn't leave this time round ...

then he's mad. Time as a Demon is up.

If you keep making Waite wait before telling him of plans for the future ... then that's unfair. Make up your mind. Tell him. Move on. Indecision indicative of where this club is at. 

If the Power add Rockliff, Motlop and Watts ... then they'd be looking pretty good for 2018.

If in the last trade period you bring in three players from other clubs and this week they're all playing in a GF ... then recruiters can pat themselves on the back.

If our gut feel is right ... then the Saints still have one big trade play left in them for 2017

If we want to throw out a real wildcard trade possibility ... then it is this: Mumford returns.

Shane Mumford in 2011 singing 'cheer, cheer' with John Longmire and teammates

If one name keeps coming up as a trade option out of the Eagles ... then it is Gaff. Yep, we know he's contracted, but that means nothing these days. 

If Beveridge has been prepared to make the tough call on Stringer for reasons which relate to a lack of commitment ... then

he's obliged to make the same call on other players. An interesting trade period looms. 

And by popular request ...

If you're prepared to bend the Match Review Panel guidelines in Grand Final week to ensure the captain of one of the clubs plays simply because it is the easy, keep-everyone-happy outcome ... then please blow up that system and start yet again. No more panels. Just one person to determine all incidents, Ian Collins-style 

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