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Player Ratings: Where does Buddy's game rank?

Lucky eight for Buddy the Great Lance Franklin was at his tantalising best with eight goals of the highest quality

IT WAS a performance that made the doubters look foolish and Lance Franklin's stellar eight-goal performance against West Coast was rated the fifth-best game since 2010.

Champion Data's Schick AFL Player Ratings saw the superstar Swan rack up a massive 39.9 points.

That effort saw him rise a spot to a career-high No.6 in the Player Ratings.

The best game ever recorded was also by Franklin, when he was at Hawthorn, for his 13-goal game against North Melbourne in 2012. He notched up 50.5 points that day.

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Few can dominate like 'Buddy' and it shows in the numbers – he has three of the six highest scores ever.

Franklin had both knees and an ankle operated on at the end of last season and having recently turned 31, questions swirled about what condition he might be to start the season.

However, the West Australian stole the show at the opening of Optus Stadium and looked unstoppable.

The Player Ratings overall rankings are calculated by taking into account an individual's past 40 games over a rolling two-year period.

Best six performances since 2010





50.5 Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) North Melbourne R10, 2012
48.7 Steve Johnson (Geelong) Melbourne R19, 2011
43.2 Mark LeCras (West Coast) Essendon R16, 2010
40.8 Gary Ablett (Gold Coast) Adelaide R8, 2011
39.9 Lance Franklin (Sydney) West Coast R1, 2018
38.4 Lance Franklin (Sydney) Carlton R23, 2017