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Match review full statement: Adelaide v Collingwood

The AFL advises the Match Review of last night’s Round Four Adelaide Crows v Collingwood match at the Adelaide Oval has been completed. One charge has been laid with two other matters that required explanation.

Charges Laid:

Taylor Walker, Adelaide Crows, has been charged with striking Adam Treloar, Collingwood, during the second quarter of the Round Four match between the Adelaide Crows and Collingwood, played at Adelaide Oval on Friday April 13, 2018.

In summary, he can accept a $2000 sanction with an early plea.

Based on the available video evidence and a medical report from the Collingwood Football Club, the incident was assessed as intentional conduct with low impact to the body. The incident was classified as a $3000 sanction. The player can accept a $2000 sanction without appearing before the Tribunal. 

Incidents assessed:
Contact between Collingwood’s Sam Murray and the Adelaide Crows’ Mitch McGovern from the third quarter of Friday’s match was assessed. The ball was loose with McGovern and Murray coming from opposite directions. It was the view of the Match Review Officer that both players were seeking to contest the ball, and that Murray braced for inevitable contact. No further action was taken. 

Contact between the Adelaide Crows’ Darcy Fogarty and Collingwood’s Ben Crocker from the fourth quarter of Friday’s match was assessed. The ball had been kicked into Collingwood’s forward line and Crocker jumps into the air in a bid to take the ball. It was the view of the Match Review Officer that Fogarty had his eyes on the ball until the last moment until contact was inevitable. It was his view the action of the Adelaide player was not careless and no further action was required.