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Star Swan free to face Hawks, fines galore

Swan avoids ban ahead of Hawks clash Matt Thompson and Michael Christian wrap up the round 22 Match Review findings

SYDNEY star Luke Parker has earned a reprieve from Match Review Officer Michael Christian, slapped with a $2000 fine for his high bump on Matt Buntine.

Parker left the ground before collecting Buntine high, but the bump was only graded by Christian as careless conduct with low impact to the head.

He will subsequently be free to take on Hawthorn next week, though has also been fined a further $1000 for making careless contact with umpire Jacob Mollison.

"The momentum he built wasn't great," Christian said.

"But there's no doubt we didn't like the action, jumping off the ground and making impact with his shoulder to Buntine's head."

His monetary punishments came on a weekend where no players were suspended, but where a total of 16 separate incidents were cited and penalised with fines total $26,500.


Melbourne's Aaron vandenBerg was fined $2000 for his elbow to Willie Rioli, which was graded careless conduct, with low impact to the head.


Meanwhile, Carlton defender Jed Lamb was hit with a $2000 fine for striking Western Bulldogs star Marcus Bontempelli in the back at a crucial stage of the game. Dale Thomas earned a $2000 misconduct fine after appearing to headbutt Brad Lynch moments later.

Port Adelaide forward Steven Motlop also earned a $2500 fine for striking Brayden Maynard in an incident that earned Collingwood a 50m penalty.

Christian also reiterated his belief that the threat of being fined was enough to warn players off striking opponents.

That's despite seven players being fined for striking over the weekend.

"I think it's something we've got to be really vigilant on," Christian said.

"It's often different players that are falling foul. I think most of us understand it's an emotional game, it's a combative game. You're trying to get one-upmanship on your opponent – and it does happen – but we're trying to stamp it out.

"We feel at this particular point, this is the way to do that."

Here are the 16 incidents cited over the weekend:

  • Devon Smith fined $1500 for striking Kamdyn McIntosh
  • Nathan Broad fined $1500 for misconduct on Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
  • Dyson Heppell fined $1500 for careless umpire contact
  • David Myers fined $1000 for careless umpire contact
  • Steven Motlop fined $2500 for striking Brayden Maynard
  • Luke Parker fined $2000 for rough conduct on Matt Buntine
  • Luke Parker fined $1000 for careless umpire contact
  • Isaac Heeney fined $1500 for striking Rory Lobb
  • Sean Lemmens fined $2000 for striking Brandon Starcevich
  • Mitch Robinson fined $1000 for wrestling Sean Lemmens
  • Brayden Fiorini fined $1000 for making contact with injured player Dayne Zorko
  • Luke Hodge fined $2000 for rough conduct on Alex Sexton
  • Blake Hardwick fined $2000 for striking Rowan Marshall
  • Jed Lamb fined $2000 for striking Marcus Bontempelli
  • Dale Thomas fined $2000 for misconduct on Brad Lynch
  • Aaron vandenBerg fined $2000 for striking Willie Rioli