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In the Game: Barrett goes toe-to-toe with Marsh

'I don't really care what we call it': Marsh on two-strike policy CEO of the Players' Association Paul Marsh joins Damian Barrett on the In The Game podcast and provides a significant revelation

AFL PLAYERS want the Grand Final to remain a day game, private polling by the Players' Association has revealed.

As the yearly discussion surrounding the start time for the season-decider once again heats up, AFL Players' Association boss Paul Marsh has told's In the Game with Damian Barrett players have consistently shown a resistance to moving the game to a later start time in polls conducted "over the journey".

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Despite this, Marsh thinks a night or twilight Grand Final will become a reality and players will quickly embrace the change.

"We have to take our responsibility as a partner in the game really seriously, and we do," Marsh said.

"And if a night Grand Final is best for the game [and] we play night preliminary finals, we play night games all the time.

"There doesn't seem to be a really strong argument against it from what I can see."

Marsh's comments come just days after AFL Commission chairman Richard Goyder backed a move to a twilight start time, and on the eve of the League's season launch when club heavyweights converge on Melbourne to discuss and debate a wide range of issues before the first game of the season, the Carlton-Richmond clash on March 21 at the MCG.

Episode guide

0:50 – 'Our job is to disrupt'

4:40 – Memories of World Series Cricket

6:10 – Life as Rod Marsh's son

7:45 – Four-and-a-half years at Port Adelaide: 'I started off flogging sponsorships'

9:00 – The Australian Cricketers' Association and learning from Tim May

11:20 – 'AFL players are exploited'

21:20 – The future of Free Agency

23:30 – Ball-tampering, Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft

27:00 – 'The two worst things I've seen in sport'

30:00 – Adam Goodes had had a gutful

35:20 – Going at it over the illicit drugs policy

40:00 – When is a strike not a strike?

41:40 – The biggest issues facing players

44:40 – Do players want a twilight or night Grand Final?