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Cracked ribs leave veteran Blue sidelined for 'a few weeks'

Star Blue put down by Mummy Marc Murphy leaves the field in pain after some heavy contact from Shane Mumford

CARLTON veteran Marc Murphy will miss several matches after suffering fractured ribs in a collision with Greater Western Sydney ruckman Shane Mumford.

Murphy had just knocked the ball on when Mumford came through with a heavy bump, collecting the Blue's ribs with his thigh.

"He's got some cracked ribs, so it looks like he'll miss a couple of weeks at this point," Carlton's head of football Brad Lloyd said.

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"He'll make his way back home (the match was played in Sydney), there isn't an issue with him [flying] back to Melbourne."

Mumford was cleared by Match Review Official Michael Christian, who said the actions were "not unreasonable in the circumstances".

Lloyd added: "We respect Mumford as a player and how he attacks the footy. The Tribunal makes the decision, but we're comfortable with that."

Carlton's Dale Thomas has been sent straight to the Tribunal after allegedly telling boundary umpire Michael Barlow "you're a f***ing cheat" during the 93-point loss.

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Lloyd told reporters he had spoken to Thomas but didn't yet know what the full details of the situation were.

"We fully support the umpires, they have a difficult job. We respect the umpires and the process, as do all our players and the footy club so we'll work through that tomorrow night," Lloyd said.