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LISTEN: Why the Pies ask draft prospects wacky questions

WHAT would you do if you were driving your mate to the hospital and were in a rush: would you stop at a red light or go through it?
If you were a fruit, which one would you be?

Put yourselves in the shoes of Steve Smith or David Warner last year, what would you have done?
Every year, Collingwood's recruiting team poses some interesting questions to draftees.

We find out why on this week's episode of the Road to the Draft podcast, where we're joined by Magpies recruiting manager Derek Hine to discuss all things black and white and this year's draft crop.

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In this week's episode ...

Collingwood recruiting manager Derek Hine gives his thoughts on building the Magpies' list, who he sees storming up the draft board, and an insight into an up-and-coming Pies father-son prospect.

Episode guide

1:05 – Was the Pies' rise expected or are they ahead of schedule? Hine makes his call.
7:20 – Inside the club's decision to draft NAB AFL Rising Star winner Jaidyn Stephenson.
9:40 – Hine discusses Collingwood's strategy around recruiting key position players.
16:50 – The guys get an update on Brodie Grundy's contract status, plus how the club is planning to keep all of its stars.
20:05 – Hine gives his take on this year's draft pool, including the rival father-son prospect who has impressed him.
28.00 – What the Pies will be looking for at this year's draft and trade period.
29:05 – Will Collingwood use its pick at next week's mid-season rookie draft?
34:50 – Hine explains why the Pies like to surprise draftees with strange questions
36:50 – The Pies on whether there should be changes to Next Generation Academy eligibility.