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You're quite brilliant, Ross: Lyon's best one-liners

'More froth than Theranos': The best Ross Lyon quotes Former Fremantle coach Ross Lyon was renowned for his unique phrases and sayings

WHATEVER your opinion about Ross Lyon's coaching, there is one area he had no peer – the press conference.

Among the sharpest minds in football, the 52-year-old was unquestionably the most intriguing senior coach when it came to dealing with the media. 

Often abrasive, especially when emboldened after wins, sometimes overly technical, usually humorous and always entertaining, Lyon kept journalists on their toes. 

While his style might not have been for everyone, and at times frustrated Freo fans who were desperate for straight answers, rarely would a joust with the media pack end before Lyon had "fed the chooks" and offered a golden nugget or two for discussion. 

Legendary commentator Dennis Cometti released a book, entitled Centimetre Perfect, as a definitive collection of his favourite quotes, and Lyon could do the same. 

But in the meantime, enjoy this collection of some of his most memorable encounters with the media and famous 'Lyon-isms'.

"I thought it was unusual (CEO) Steve (Rosich) wasn't there, so I thought 'Oh, Steve's in trouble'. And then I thought I'll ring my lawyer because I might be in trouble. I thought it was either one or two of us (being sacked), so it was two of us."
During his final press conference, Lyon recalls how he found out about a meeting to announce his sacking at Fremantle. 

"I can guarantee you I'll be around (coaching Fremantle in 2020). My performance dictates (I'll) be around. We're a rebuilding team. We're 7-8. Three weeks ago I was being lauded. So I never fell for it then and I'm not falling for it now."  speaking on July 10, days after Fremantle was held to the lowest-ever Western Derby score in the club's second-biggest defeat to the Eagles. 

FREO'S NEXT COACH? Ex-Docker a leading contender for top job

"I'm not sure what all the hoopla is about, to be honest, but that's just the town we live in. We've got that many content providers and not many people to provide the content, so that's just the way we roll here. I understand The West Australian is a bit thinner than it was previously, but that's OK, we're all under pressure." post-match in the aftermath of a pressure-relieving one-point win over Sydney in round 18.

"I had a beautiful barramundi bowl at Sea Salt Fish and Chips, the best in Carlton. I think if there was any subterfuge going on, I don't think we'd be sitting in the main strip of Carlton restaurants."  on his meeting with Blues list manager and close friend Stephen Silvagni the day after coach Brendon Bolton was sacked.

Stephen Silvagni and Ross Lyon after St Kilda's loss in the 2010 Grand Final replay. Picture: AFL Photos

"Andrew Brayshaw was king-hit 100m off the ball. He's got a fractured jaw and four displaced teeth that are caved in, and he'll be undergoing surgery tonight." - after the infamous Andrew Gaff hit in last year’s round 20 wild Western Derby.

"We're certainly aiming for a premiership and we don't shy away from that. Particularly at the end of this tenure, I'll have no excuse to not have achieved that, because we're fully resourced."  after being re-signed for five seasons in March 2016.

"I sit here very comfortable with my integrity and my honour." – after defecting from St Kilda to join Fremantle in 2011. 

"That's the best question you can come up with after two hours of footy? You're quite brilliant, Shane. Yep, terrific.” – responding to a question about Fremantle's physicality after a feisty 2013 qualifying final victory over Geelong. 

SACKED LYON SPEAKS 'I've loved the ride'

"I tell them it's (the Grand Final) another game. Tonight was round 26." – his message to the players after Freo reached the first and, so far only, Grand Final in club history by defeating Sydney in 2013.  

Lyon embraces former charge Jude Bolton after the 2013 prelim. Picture: AFL Photos

"He's like (the racehorse) Might and Power - just give him a tickle on the ribs and away he goes." – on Matthew Pavlich.  

"You can't just roll along and all have a milkshake and pretend everything is hunky-dory when you're not giving us output." – after a seven-point win over Collingwood in 2015 improved Freo's record to 11-1. 

"The Eagles could be on the moon. They don't interest me at all." ahead of the 2015 finals series when Fremantle finished on top of the ladder and West Coast was second.  

Eagles coach Adam Simpson and Lyon chat during the 2017 JLT Community Series. Picture: AFL Photos

"I don't sit here and think I'm a genius. Clearly my fundamentals are strong and we win, but we need to improve to achieve the ultimate success." – speaking in March 2016 after he was recontracted until the end of 2020.  

"We don't rebuild but re-stump, we re-wire, we re-plumb." after the Dockers slipped to 0-5 in 2016 following a home loss to lowly Carlton. 

"The Bulldogs went into a finals series (in 2016) with the 12th ranked attack and were the sexiest team alive." – in response to a question about needing to change his method towards a more attacking style.

"You can't head down to Hay St and buy confidence, can you? There's no confidence shop.” - after Shane Kersten's fumbly start as a Docker.

Ross's most famous 'Lyon-isms'

"I'll let the cobblers do the cobbling."

"We support the person and challenge the behaviour."

"We're a no excuse football club." 

"Failure is feedback."

"Anyone, anywhere, anytime."

"It's not ideal." 

"I left my crystal ball at home."   

"I feel like I've already answered that question."  

"It's a question without notice." 

"It's an opinion business."  

"It's not something I've thought about."

"It's a moot point." 

"Is that fair and reasonable?"  

"Action builds confidence" 

"There's no magic here, it's all about unrelenting action." 

"It's never as good, never as bad as it seems." 

"There's no witch-hunt here."   

"I don't have the luxury."  

"There's no silver bullet here." 

"I don't flush anything down the toilet."

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