WELL, it was (somewhat) fun while it lasted.

We got through one round of footy but for AFL Fantasy coaches, it was different to anything we had seen. Shortened quarters made 80 the new 100 but it didn't seem to stop some players.

Seventy-five players scored 80 or more. In round one last season, 47 players scored 100 or more (the equivalent of this year's 80).

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There were some hits and misses. Just seven per cent of the competition selected Marsh Community Series value player Jack Viney (132). Only four per cent picked Jeremy Howe (110) as the top-scoring defender, while six per cent and one per cent respectively went with Isaac Heeney (101) and Brad Ebert (101) as the equal-best forwards.

Brodie Grundy (114) set up coaches paying top dollar for him in the ruck, but the Sam Jacobs (80) and Sam Naismith (78) value play looked to be the one of choice given the differences in prices.

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In this week's episode …

Roy, Calvin and Warnie share what they learned over the weekend in a new world of Fantasy. The fallout from the 16-minute quarters and the effect on how the game is played and scoring was a major talking point.

They also consider what the rest of the season may look like from a Fantasy perspective. They spitball a few ideas on how the Fantasy game may work.

Following the long layoff, there may be a need to increase trades or adapt some of the rules if games are played every day of the week. A whole new way of thinking may need to be employed but there will be plenty of time to consider any changes and Fantasy coaches are sure to be involved in the decision-making process.

Episode guide

2:00 - How the scores stacked up compared to other seasons.

4:30 - The Traders' round one scores.

7:00 - Roy rants about his team and starts the -3s.

14:00 - The positives out of the weekend with the +3s.

18:45 - A realistic team that would have been around 200 points head of the current leader.

28:45 - What was the right call in the ruck?

33:30 - Big takeaways from the new look Fantasy.

37:40 - Information on price movements.

43:30 - The future of the season and options for Fantasy.

50:40 - How are we going to spend our time?

59:45 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

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