WITH players away from their clubs from Tuesday, a big focus will be on preparation for a return date – potentially as early as June 1.

On the weekly AFL Exchange podcast, the guys discuss where clubs can get the upper hand over their rivals with a flag still on the line in 2020.

Hosts Mitch Cleary, Callum Twomey and Riley Beveridge discuss all the fallout from the AFL shutdown, the highs and lows from round one and give an insight to what it was like inside the vacant stadiums.

In this week's episode …

Join Callum Twomey, Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary as AFL Exchange covers all of the big issues in an extraordinary week in the football world – and some of the not so big. 

Episode guide

2:35 – Will we see football again in 2020? 

8:02 – How should the players fill in their time for the next weeks? 

11:25 – Cal and Mitch give an insight to what it was like working at round one inside vacant stadiums 

15:01 – The biggest winner / disappointment for round one? 

17:13 – New instalment of WIBBP 

19:31 – What was Alastair Clarkson doing at Marvel Stadium on Saturday?   

21:28 – Who would you love to play as on the new AFL Evolution 2 game coming in April? 

26:58 – The current and former player you'd be happy to spend 14 days with in self-isolation? 

29:15 – What will change due to shortened quarters?