CARLTON coach David Teague would be "all for" the prospect of putting clubs in quarantine hubs if it resulted in the season's resumption.

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The AFL is considering moving teams to quarantined locations to play round-robin matches, pending the lifting of government coronavirus restrictions that would allow football to recommence in certain states.

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"Right now you've got to be open to everything and the game is facing a lot of challenges at the moment – as is the world," Teague said.

"So if we can provide some people at home some entertainment, as long as we can do it in a safe environment, and also provide that the game an opportunity to, to continue to build and grow.


"Obviously, it's challenged at the moment financially so if we can support that and start playing I think it's great for the supporters and great for the game.

"And I know our players would love that opportunity to be able to play."

Teague said the Blues were yet to discuss the prospect of quarantine hubs with their players.

"On Friday, we'll meet with all the players together as one group, and they'll have a chance to flag any concerns," he said.

But so far, the general feel I've had from our playing group is that they're keen to play.

- David Teague

"Now maybe that's the majority and there might be some others that aren't that way inclined but, so far, our group are pretty keen to play."

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Teague said the Blues would support players if they were reluctant to be away from their families.

"Everyone's different and as a whole, if there was a player that said 'I don't want to go play' for whatever reason – for his family or for mental health – I think our club would absolutely support them to make that call and there'd be no pressure to do it," he said.

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Meanwhile, Teague wasn't aware of any updated planned return to group training sessions.

On Monday, Adelaide football boss Adam Kelly said the Crows were preparing to resume group training on May 4, pending AFL advice.

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"I haven't heard anything new ... the guidelines (the AFL) gave us at the start, we're working towards those," Teague said.

"But obviously it's a moving beast and we will be prepared and when the AFL and the government think it's safe, then we'll be ready to go."