MATTHEW Nicholls, Simon Meredith and Brett Rosebury have been selected as the umpires to officiate in this year's Grand Final between Hawthorn and Fremantle.

The umpires were chosen following the umpiring department's preliminary finals reviews on Monday morning.

Nicholls is set to umpire his first Grand Final on Saturday, while Meredith has earned the right to back up in this year's decider after making his Grand Final debut in 2012.

Rosebury's consistency has been rewarded with a sixth straight Grand Final appearance.

Umpires boss Jeff Gieschen told the three umpires the good news on Monday afternoon.

"The thing that we ask from the umpires, particularly at the start of the game – when the players are up and about and the game is frenetic – [is] to be at their most composed and calmest," Gieschen said on Tuesday.

"We've got great confidence in them; we believe in our process of appointment and quite clearly our best three umpires have got through to the Grand Final."

Rosebury said an umpire needed to go in to a Grand Final with a level-headed approach.

"Really you just try to keep relaxed, on the day, and keep a clear mind and just umpire what's out in front of you and don't go looking for things and all the free kicks. If we have to pay any, they will jump out at us," he said.

Nicholls does not have the Grand Final experience of Meredith and Rosebury, but he deserves his spot, Gieschen said.

"I'm just exceedingly excited to go out there on the weekend, and it's just going to be a fantastic experience," Nicholls said.

Rosebury umpired the Hawthorn-Geelong preliminary final and admitted he could not hear the siren above the crowd at the end of the game. But he is confident there would be no repeat this week.

Gieschen confirmed the umpires had been advised to refer to the score review system if the situation dictated.

"Our instruction is, if there is any doubt there, we need to go to that score review system.

"The worst thing would be that if something occurs and we haven't looked at it."

The umpires have 698 games of collective experience, including 51 finals.

Nathan Doig, Robert Haala, Michael Marantelli and Michael Saunders were named as the boundary umpires.

Luke Walker and Adam Wojcik are the goal umpires.

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