WHAT'S got Greater Western Sydney worked up during self-isolation?

Last week two AFL.com.au stories on out-of-contract Giants players were described as "cheap" by former GWS skipper Phil Davis.

On this week's AFL Exchange episode, the team delves into the context to Giants' players being raised on the trade table and deliver a response to Davis.

Listen as the guys bring you all the latest news during football's break during the COVID-19 pandemic, plus some quirky topics along the way.

>> Join Callum Twomey, Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary as AFL Exchange covers all of the big issues in the football world – and some of the not so big.

Episode guide

1:36 – What are you missing most about footy?

4:18 – What do the current government laws mean for the return of footy?

6:55 – Will the shortened season advantage older or younger teams?

21:38 – What was the response to the debate on lifting the draft age?

24:25 – The brand new segment – 'The Other 22 Under 22' – gathers momentum

31:27 – Which clubs rely on duos for success?

33:47 – What's the strangest thing you've seen delivered to a footy club?

36:26 – Favourite random friendships in football