HE HAS been one of the best midfielders this century.

But which version of Chris Judd was better – the West Coast version or the Carlton version?

It's a big talking point on this week's edition of AFL Exchange, as Mitch Cleary, Riley Beveridge and Callum Twomey debate all of the hot topics surrounding the game.

Plus, the guys ask who has the hardest job in footy right now, how the 2021 season will be impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown and who they would want kicking for their lives.

It's all in the latest episode of AFL Exchange with Mitch, Riley and Cal.

In this week's episode …

1:35 – Should the AFL have had a fixed date in place to start the season?

4:18 – Who's got the hardest job in footy right now?

8:37 – Who would you prefer? West Coast Chris Judd or Carlton Chris Judd? 

11:20 – How will the format of 2020 impact what happens in 2021?

14:32 – The latest inductions to our TO22U22 team

18:39 – Who would you want kicking for your life?

21:10 – How are the Irish players at home going to get back to play?

25:18 – This week's banners revealed

29:09 – Who's been overexposed in Grand Final broadcasts?