PLAYERS' housemates who are not involved in the AFL system may need to be regularly tested for COVID-19 under risk assessments undertaken by the League. 

But the AFL Players' Association says relocation of players is considered a "last resort" as the AFL takes every measures to combat the game against the coronavirus outbreak. 

On Friday AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan confirmed each player would have their home assessed to ensure there are safeguards to protect the competition.

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AFL's tough stance, Giant backs strict rules

Nat Edwards and Mitch Cleary with all the latest news on the AFL's plan to return to play.

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AFLPA boss Paul Marsh said there would be rigorous checks of living situations, and that the League would foot the bill if players have to move residences. 

"That's the absolute last resort. There are other steps that will be taken before you get to that point," Marsh said. 

"The industry's not trying to come in here and move players away from their families or their housemates. There's a set of protocols that need to be agreed to have the ability for football teams to travel around the country and this is one of them. 

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How we start is not how we end: McLachlan

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan unveils the League's plan to return to play

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"Obviously there is risk depending on who players live with, but there are some steps that can be taken. For example, if a player was living with roommates who weren't their family, to keep living with them it might be that we require testing of those roommates. 

"There are steps that will be taken before you get to asking a player to move out. I think it's important to note, too, that if it ever got to a point where a player was required to move out of a house, then the AFL would pay for that." 

FOOTY'S BACK AFL statement on season return

All AFL players this week underwent mandatory COVID-19 checks across the country as the competition edges closer to its June 11 return. 

The list of strict rules under which players will need to abide has yet to be locked in as discussions continue with the AFL. 

Marsh also confirmed there has been no date set on when agents will be able to resume contract talks for players without deals beyond 2021.