WEST Coast star Jeremy McGovern has shed the kilos in isolation.

A trimmed down McGovern has impressed in training since the club's return to non-contact drills on Monday, making the most of a new fitness program in quarantine.

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"I don't know what Gov's done," Eagles coach Adam Simpson laughed on Wednesday.

"He's looking good, he's in as good a shape as I've ever seen him.

"I think he's a big one for the remote program. He might be advocating for that next year."

BACK ON TRACK Clubs return to modified training

West Coast returned on Monday in its normal line groups, a differing tactic to that of other clubs across the competition who are splitting their training groups of seven based on position and experience in the aftermath of the game's COVID-19 suspension period.

Gold Coast coach Stuart Dew revealed earlier this week that he had made that decision based on the risk that a group of seven similarly positioned players might be forced to go into quarantine together, should there be a coronavirus outbreak among that particular cluster.

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The Eagles lined up with their star-studded midfield group – which includes Andrew Gaff, Luke Shuey, Elliot Yeo, Tim Kelly and Dom Sheed – all training together, a move that is set to cause Simpson a little bit of angst before the season ultimately resumes.

"There's always a fear in the back of your mind," Simpson said.

"We decided to train in our lines today and Monday, but we got tested today so we could change groups for Friday and we'll mix them up on Friday.

"We're trying to get the best of both worlds with our training groups. Fingers crossed that nothing untoward happens."