WHO WILL be the breakout player of the 2020 season?

Will it be an early draft pick? A late flyer? Or someone who has flown under the radar for years? The AFL Exchange team debate that and more in this week's podcast.

The crew also chat about the obscure sounds that could be used in broadcasts this season, the biggest sacrifices in footy, how clubs can be innovative to support members without crowds and debate the Monsters of speed in an exciting new topic in this week's show.

Join the boys Mitch Cleary, Riley Beveridge and Cal Twomey as they look at footy's hottest topics – and some of the not-so-big – in the new episode of the AFL Exchange podcast. 

Episode guide

1.25: Who will be the breakout player of season 2020?

9.50: Will this three-week training block lead to shortened pre-seasons in the future?

13.00: What obscure sounds would you like to hear during broadcasts this season?

16.30: We add three more players to our TO22U22 side.

21.50: What have been the biggest sacrifices made in footy?

24.15: How should Buddy's 1000th goal be celebrated if it's kicked in an empty stadium?

28.00: How can clubs be innovative to feature members with no crowds?

31.30: We look at the AFL's Monsters of speed in a brand new segment.

34.50: We reveal the banners you might have missed over the weekend.

40.15: For the second time, we list the most bizarre things we've heard during isolation.