AFL FANTASY coaches have a bonus trade for each of the next four rounds and how you use them can set up the rest of your season.

In a normal season, fix-it trades are the most popular in the first few rounds. This will still be the case, but team selections in the lead up to round two will dictate a lot of the moves. Coaches will most likely be making sure they have the best cash cows and patching up holes where players have been injured in the downtime.

It is also an opportunity to select the must-haves.

For many, the bargains highlighted at the start of the season were selected. Marlion Pickett and Matt Rowell are the most picked players and performed well above their starting value as demonstrated by their $26k and $22k price rises. The discounted Tom Mitchell and Sam Docherty, as well as "more midfield time" hype-boy Dan Houston are among the most popular players.

If those guys aren’t in your team, they should be.

On this week’s podcast, The Traders look at the next group of players that offer value and should be considered for your round two team. Whether they adapted well to the 16-minute quarters or have cemented a Fantasy friendly role in their team

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In this week’s episode …

2:15 - How the lads will tackle the bonus trades made available.

6:00 - Warnie runs through the news of the last few days including Lance Franklin's hamstring injury and the return of some Fantasy relevant players in round two.

11:30 - The Traders were sent a letter questioning the BCV calculations, so a lesson in maths ensues.

17:25 - Roy tries to predict the best overall 22 for the rest of the season with his infamous Rollin' 22. There are some ‘Royactionary’ calls.

24:40 - It is not too late to sign up. Encourage your mates (or mum) to get a Fantasy Classic team or maybe get involved in a Fantasy Draft league before round two.

29:30 - If Calvin had his time again, his ruck line up would look a little different due to the value in Sam Jacobs and Sam Naismith.

33:50 - Questions from social media - Follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

45:00 - Dual-position updates will be made ahead of round six and 12. Fantasy Freako suggests that Dayne Zorko, Steele Sidebottom and Zach Merrett could potentially have FWD status if they continue playing the same role that they did in round one.

50:00 - Is Brett Bewley's role a concern with the returning Dockers?

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