THE RETURN of footy is just around the corner and AFL Fantasy coaches are scratching their heads as to how to get their teams set before the next lockout.

A partial lockout will be in place on Thursday, June 11 at 7.40pm AEST when the ball is bounced for the Collingwood v Richmond game. Full lockout will be the following day at 7.50pm AEST.

With three trades available in Fantasy Classic and the opportunity to make some Fantasy Draft moves, there is plenty to think about.

The Traders covered plenty on this week’s episode of the podcast but had a heap of questions left over that they thought they’d reconvene for a bonus question and answer version of the show.

In this week’s episode …

1:00 - Is the guns 'n' rookies approach dead?

6:30 - Who are the best options to score 100s with shortened quarters?

9:20 - With three trades for each of the next four rounds, should Fantasy Classic teams receive a complete overhaul regarding to structure?

13:15 - What do you do if Sam Naismith is on your bench? Should trades be made to keep him on field?

16:45 - Is a ruck combination of Sam Jacobs, Sam Naismith and Marc Pittonet a viable option for cash generation?

20:00 - After a poor round one showing, does trading Marcus Bontempelli to Jack Viney make sense given the cash banked can upgrade other positions?

24:00 - If you have Max Gawn on field and Sam Jacobs on bench in Fantasy Draft, is it worth floating Gawn as a potential trade bait for a premium midfielder?

26:30 - Should we keep Andrew Brayshaw?

31:20 - Calvin encourages league commissioners to get their mates back on board for the remainder of the season ... or start up a new league.

35:50 - Do we back in Josh Dunkley to bounce back?

38:30 - How did Roy, Calvin and Warnie come to support the teams they do.

40:40 - As teachers, do The Traders get questions from students for Fantasy advice?

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