WHICH players have lifted themselves off the canvas since football returned.

It has been a big restart to the season and there's been players from across the competition who have come back in fine form, some of whom we had written off.

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Birdman, Howe or Skywalker: Who's the best high-flyer?

AFL Exchange hosts Mitch Cleary, Cal Twomey and Riley Beveridge debate which of these marking machines was best

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Tune in to this week's episode of AFL Exchange to hear about the key forward, attacking small and long-bombing midfielder who have changed the course of their careers.

Join Cal Twomey, Mitch Cleary and Riley Beveridge as they discuss the biggest news stories and the lightest moments from the AFL season in the brand new AFL Exchange podcast.


In this week's podcast …

3.00 – Should clubs be splitting their training groups more strategically?

9.15 – Does tossing the coin improve your leadership skills?

14.40 – We apologise for criticising a trade that we got wrong.

20.20 – Riley re-tells the story of his bizarre interaction with Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge.

27.00 – Which players have lifted themselves off the canvas after isolation?

32.05 – We analyse Mark Ricciuto's controversial comments from last week.

36.20 – Cal reveals a gigantic exclusive that could shock Victorian footy fans.