FORMER Adelaide coach Don Pyke has called on the Crows to "once and for all" reveal details of the club's infamous Gold Coast camp at the end of 2017.

The controversial camp following Adelaide's Grand Final disaster against Richmond has been considered the starting point to a period of misery for the Crows, who sit on the bottom of the ladder this season without a win after six rounds.

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Pyke, who was the Crows' coach at the time, departed the club last year after their plummet down the ladder while an internal review also saw former head of football Brett Burton and assistant coach Scott Camporeale axed by the club last year.

A number of key players have also left the Crows since the 2017 camp, with Pyke calling on the club to address what happened during the 2018 pre-season trip.

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"It's probably disappointing it's continuing to be discussed about. Clearly I think the club's viewpoint is they want to move on and I know that talking to some of the players who are still there they clearly want to leave that behind and focus on the footy that's going forward," Pyke told ABC Radio.

"I think it's probably a conversation that's due with the club about how do they wish to address this once and for all. As I've said previously, the intention around that camp was very clear. The execution had some gaps and holes, and some mistakes were made, and that's been addressed.

"But I think there's also an issue at the moment with some context around some of the things that were done and the purpose behind those which probably hasn't been tabled."

In a recent interview Camporeale said he "wasn't allowed" to talk about the camp under the Crows' instructions. 

Pyke denied the camp, which was run by consultancy group Collective Mind, had been the trigger for Adelaide's woes this year.

"I think it's a long bow to draw. The list at Adelaide is going through a transitional phase, there's no question about that," he said.

"Some players have left the club for various reasons and last week, for instance, in their forward line Tom Lynch had 140 games and the rest were all sub 10 games.

"They're starting to expose some of those guys to AFL footy and with that will go consistency. I think if you asked those guys, some of them would [say] the performances now have nothing to do with what happened on a camp two and a half years ago."

Pyke coached the Crows for four seasons before he left at the end of last year, registering a winning rate of 60.8 per cent in 93 games and steering the club to the finals in 2016-17.