A RECORD 33 games in 20 days is ahead of footy fans and AFL Fantasy coaches will need to be on their toes.

ROUNDS 9-12 Check out the full fixture

A range of adjustments have been applied to the game in order to help coaches field teams with the byes in rounds 10 and 11.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through some things to think about with the three trades and the potential rolling lockout as well as which players to target in this period.

In this week’s episode…

1:45 - How the boys are going so far in round eight.

5:00 - Warnie is pumped about his upgrade to Jarrod Witts.

11:00 - Brodie Grundy's poor showing as captain.

16:00 - Injury news.

20:45 - Strategy and tips for the upcoming condensed fixture.

29:30 - Calvin talks captains and the VC loophole with the potential rolling lockout.

35:30 - Which teams have it hard and easy over the next few weeks?

40:40 - Questions from social media.

50:40 - Who to pick out of James Sicily, Jayden Short and Callum Mills?

57:30 - Who to upgrade to first: Jake Lloyd or Christian Petracca?

1:00:30 - Is Steele Sidebottom an option in his return game?

1:04:30 - Pickett to Gaff or Pittonet to Goldstein?

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