THE GUNS at the top of the leaderboard are breaking away from the pack in the first half of round 11, with Brisbane's Lachie Neale, Melbourne's Christian Petracca and Port Adelaide's Travis Boak all polling strongly. 

Neale and Petracca were among five players to poll perfect 10s, along with Boak's Port teammate Ollie Wines, West Coast's Dom Sheed and Essendon's Zach Merrett. 


Votes for the AFL Coaches' Association's AFL Champion Player Award will be released on a daily basis during the 'Festival of Footy'.

Port Adelaide v Richmond

10 Ollie Wines (PORT)
8 Travis Boak (PORT)
3 Peter Ladhams (PORT)
3 Zak Butters (PORT)
2 Charlie Dixon (PORT)
2 Sam Powell-Pepper (PORT)
2 Robbie Gray (PORT)

Brisbane v Western Bulldogs

10 Lachie Neale (BL)
8 Dayne Zorko (BL)
5 Eric Hipwood (BL)
4 Jarryd Lyons (BL)
2 Jack Macrae (WB)
1 Zac Bailey (BL)

West Coast v Carlton

10 Dom Sheed (WCE)
8 Nic Naitanui (WCE)
6 Zac Fisher (CARL)
2 Elliot Yeo (WCE)
2 Liam Jones (CARL)
1 Patrick Cripps (CARL)
1 Tim Kelly (WCE)

Melbourne v North Melbourne

10 Christian Petracca (MELB)
8 Clayton Oliver (MELB)
6 Angus Brayshaw (MELB)
4 Jake Lever (MELB)
1 Ed Langdon (MELB)
1 Sam Weideman (MELB)

St Kilda v Geelong

8 Sam Menegola (GEEL)
7 Gary Rohan (GEEL)
5 Mark O'Connor (GEEL)
5 Tom Hawkins (GEEL)
3 Zach Tuohy (GEEL)
2 Mitch Duncan (GEEL)

Fremantle v Hawthorn

9 Adam Cerra (FRE)
9 Andrew Brayshaw (FRE)
4 Nat Fyfe (FRE)
3 Caleb Serong (FRE)
2 Sean Darcy (FRE)
2 David Mundy (FRE)
1 Nathan Wilson (FRE)

Adelaide v Collingwood

9 Rory Laird (ADEL)
8 Taylor Adams (COLL)
6 Jack Crisp (COLL)
5 Brayden Maynard (COLL)
1 Darcy Cameron (COLL)
1 Reilly O'Brien (ADEL)

Gold Coast v Essendon

10 Zach Merrett (ESS)
7 Jordan Ridley (ESS)
6 Andrew McGrath (ESS)
5 Lachie Weller (GCFC)
2 David Zaharakis (ESS)


72 Lachie Neale BL
50 Christian Petracca MELB
47 Travis Boak PORT
44 Jack Steele STK
41 Taylor Adams COLL
40 Nic Naitanui WCE
39 Jack Macrae WB
36 Zach Merrett ESS
34 Cameron Guthrie GEEL
31 Jarrod Witts GCFC
30 Todd Goldstein NMFC
30 Matthew Rowell GCFC
29 Jack Viney MELB
28 Andrew Brayshaw FRE
28 Charlie Dixon PORT
28 Toby Greene GWS
28 Dustin Martin RICH
28 Clayton Oliver MELB
27 Joel Selwood GEEL
27 Ollie Wines PORT