WHICH team is ready to rebound and has salary cap space to burn?

Tipped for a slide in 2021, there's one club that could be preparing to bounce straight back up the AFL ladder in the years ahead should they execute a mega Trade Period later this season.

On this week's brand-new live episode of AFL Exchange, the crew also takes a look ahead to the round one fixtures and analyses which teams have a great opportunity to lay down a marker on the new season.

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AFL Exchange: 2021 predictions, Amazon doco thoughts

Cal Twomey, Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary ask and answer all of the big questions ahead of round one

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Join hosts Riley Beveridge, Cal Twomey and Mitch Cleary as they tip what's to come in round one, forecast their big predictions for season 2021 and answer some of the lighter questions in footy.

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In this episode …

2.30: Which coaches are under the most pressure heading into the new season?

7.00: What were our biggest takeaways from the new Amazon documentary?

12.20: We give our premiership, Brownlow and wildcard tips for the new season.

17.30: Our new segment 'Death, Taxes and …'

23.10: What are our most random encounters with AFL footballers?

28.00: What is the weirdest thing that happened last year that now feels normal?

30.25: Our other new segment 'I'm Keeping An Eye On…'

34.50: Which club has the best opportunity to make a round one statement?

40.10: We list our favourite runners over the journey.