THERE has been forced trades for coaches every round with popular selections unavailable the next week and this week is no different.

You may have copped Patrick Dangerfield’s suspension and Matt Rowell’s knee injury in round one. The next week popular mid-priced player Jye Caldwell injured his hamstring along with team mates Dylan Shiel and Sam Draper suffering long-term injuries.

The Easter weekend brought more pain as Jarrod Witts will miss the rest of the season with an ACL while Stephen Coniglio and the highly-selected Hayden Young add to the list of must-trades.

What are coaches to do?

It’s time to make good out of bad situation. The Traders suggest the best replacements as they package up their two trades to make your Fantasy team better for this round and beyond.

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In this week’s episode …

3:00 - A few rookies will make their debut this round.

6:00 - What will the Suns be doing with their ruck stocks off the back of Jarrod Witts' ACL injury.

10:30 - GWS have plenty of injury worries including Stephen Coniglio leaving a hole in the midfield.

15:00 - Deven Robertson is the most traded in player this round. Any issues around his job security?

16:45 - The Traders tick off the trade out options including Jordan De Goey and Jordan Clark so long as there aren't any bigger issues.

19:20 - Calvin runs through the best captain options for round four.

24:00 - Consider when your players play if you're keen to use the captain loophole.

28:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

31:50 - Which player should you downgrade to? Chris Burgess, Nik Cox or Alex Waterman.

34:00 - Can we hold off on Jordan Ridley considering he plays on Thursday night?

37:15 - Which combo is better: Taylor Walker/Changkuoth Jiath or Josh Dunkley/Chris Burgess?

39:10 - Jordan Ridley or Jake Lloyd.

43:10 - Chad Warner or Nick Hind.

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