TEAMS have dropped and there is some massive news on a Fantasy front.

Shane Mumford (RUC, $466,000) will replace Matt Flynn (RUC, $346,000), who has been rested as the Giants get set to take on Brodie Grundy. Thirty-four per cent of Fantasy coaches currently have Flynn on the field and will now seek emergency cover or make an unrecommended trade as D-Day approaches.

Draft coaches welcome back Oscar McInerney (RUC, $534,000) and Rowan Marshall (RUC, $738,000). Marshall is yet to play a game this year which will have his Draft coaches ecstatic about his early return.

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After scoring 93 in his first game for the year, Deven Robertson (MID/FWD, $228,000) has held his spot in the Lions' line-up and, subsequently, he is the most traded-in player this week.

In more big news, Carlton recruit Zac Williams (DEF, $597,000) will miss another game for his new club due to illness and calf tightness. He features in nine per cent of teams which will now have their coaches scrambling for a last-minute replacement.

The Suns have called up Caleb Graham (DEF, $318,000) to assist with their ruck dilemmas as another big man in Josh Treacy (RUC/FWD, $170,000) makes his long-awaited debut for the Dockers.

Collingwood has also granted Beau McCreery (FWD, $184,000) his first game after sitting on the sidelines as the sub last week.

Yet to be named

Adelaide v North Melbourne
Melbourne v Geelong
Hawthorn v Fremantle

NOTE: These teams will be announced on Saturday at 6:20pm AEDT.

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Most traded in

  • Deven Robertson (MID/FWD, $228,000) – 12.4k
  • Taylor Walker (FWD, $558,000) – 8.9k
  • Chris Burgess (DEF, $221,000) – 7.3k
  • Isaac Cumming (DEF, $462,000) – 4.7k
  • Chad Warner (FWD, $334,000) – 4.5k

The third-most traded-in player from last week moves up to the second-most traded-in after Taylor Walker (FWD, $558,000) dominated again for a huge 136. Carrying a breakeven of -9, Walker now sits as the highest-scoring player in the game and a highly sought after option. Thirty per cent of coaches are faced with a forced trade off the back of an injury to Hayden Young (DEF, $369,000) and they are turning to Changkuoth Jiath (DEF, $444,000) and Isaac Cumming (DEF, $462,000) as replacements. Both are great value and have averaged 84 and 87, respectively.

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The Traders' Fantasy preview: round four

Roy is going to add Taylor Walker to his team.

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Most traded out

Injuries and frustration seem to be the main criteria for trading at the moment. Hayden Young (DEF, $369,000) and Jarrod Witts (RUC, $632,000) must be moved on due to their injuries as other coaches have swung the axe on underperforming players such as Paddy Dow (MID/FWD, $341,000), who despite having the opportunity, has only averaged 47 this year.

  • Hayden Young (DEF, $369,000) – 18.7k
  • Paddy Dow (MID/FWD, $341,000) – 7.3k
  • Jarrod Witts (RUC, $632,000) – 6.9k
  • Jordan Clark (DEF/MID, $437,000) – 3.5k
  • Jye Caldwell (MID/FWD, $529,000) – 3.3k

Value trade targets

When shopping for a replacement for Hayden Young (DEF, $369,000) we have plenty of options. Isaac Cumming (DEF, $462,000) is coming off back-to-back scores of 91, but you'll need to find $93,000 to secure the services of the GWS defender who has started the season as we had hoped.

Changkuoth Jiath (DEF, $444,000) was instrumental last week for the Hawks, scoring 100 from 23 disposals and 10 marks. He carries a breakeven of just 12 which means his price will continue to rise over the coming rounds. Crisis creates opportunity and the injury to Young only strengthens the job security of Heath Chapman (DEF, $279,000), who is coming off a nice score of 73. Drafted with pick No.14, Chapman is a player of the future who will have plenty of opportunities starting this week. He will fill the void by Young, and pocket you $90,000 to spend elsewhere.

Another popular defender is Chris Burgess (DEF, $221,000) who looks set to replace Jarrod Witts (RUC, $632,000) as the No.1 ruck at the Suns. Burgess scored 77 in his first game since 2019 and looks set to make money in the coming weeks.

Best captains to come

In AFL Fantasy your captain scores you double points for that week. Here are Calvin's top five picks from the games to come for you to consider.

No.1 – Jack Macrae v Brisbane
Brisbane has given up 9x100+ scores to its opposition in the last two weeks and in the past, Macrae has scored with ease against the Lions. He has averaged 139 in his past five against them, with a huge 160 last year. From his four games at Mars Stadium, he has averaged 124 and should keep his hot form rolling here.

No.2 – Brodie Grundy v GWS
Grundy was the second-highest scorer for round three with a massive 152. He meets Shane Mumford at the MCG this week, an opponent he has dominated in the past.

No.3 – Tom Mitchell v Fremantle
A tag from Mark O'Connor slowed Mitchell's score last week but after Carlton had six players hit triple figures against the Dockers in round three, we hold very high hopes for a big bounce back from Mitchell in this contest. He averages 134 against Fremantle in his past three games and should have this one his own way.

No.4 – Rory Laird v Kangaroos
Laird has scored 101, 115, 138 and 102 in his past four against the Kangaroos and averaged 120 in his past five at Marvel Stadium. The Kangaroos are one of the easiest teams to score against at the moment and Laird should have a day out.

No.5 – Max Gawn v Geelong
After a slow start last week, Gawn really got going in the second half to score 135. Ben McEvoy (98) had his best game for the year against the Cats last week which paints a very nice picture for Gawn on Sunday afternoon.

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