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In today's episode, Nat and Damo discuss issues with the medical sub rule, wonder if revered Melbourne veteran Nathan Jones (who plays his 300th game on Saturday) is keeping someone out of the team, look at the problems with David Teague and his Blues, plus heaps more.

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In this episode ... 

0:30 – How the medical sub was introduced

0:56 -  Did AFL's footy boss Steve Hocking rush in the sub rule?

1:53 -  Jordan De Goey's round five substitution

3:14 -  Clubs may use the rule differently and the possibility of it being used tactically

6:28 -  The 'training wheels' are back on the Teague Train 

7:15 - Damo's views on mentors in footy

8:49 - Nathan Jones' impact since 2019

10:04 - Melbourne's selection squeeze

11:23 - Increased crowd capacity in time for Anzac Day matches