CRISIS creates opportunity and as coaches, we need to keep an eye on potential player upside on the back of unfortunate injuries.

A prime example of this is the position that has opened up in the 'Harlem Globetrotters' Bulldogs midfield on the back of Josh Dunkley going under the knife for a shoulder reconstruction. Such is the depth at the Dogs that young gun Bailey Smith looks every chance to fill the void after recording his first centre bounce attendances of the season following Dunkley's injury.

I also like the chances of Lachie Hunter returning back to a wing as part of the flow-on effect, a position he has proven to be an elite scorer in the past, especially last year and after dropping $204K on the season and gaining forward status, he deserve to be added to your watch list.

The elephant in the room, or should I say bull… Z-Bull. I am of course talking about the man on every coaches lips, Roos skipper Jack Ziebell, who is putting up numbers like we have only ever seen from the Pigs. Ignore the fact this article is starting to sound like a zoo, the newfound defender has embraced the quarterback role and his scoring reflects that with three over 139 in the past four games including an absurd 170 on the weekend from 37 possessions and 14 marks.

Can it continue? I don’t know, but what I do know is he has two favourable matchups on the horizon. First up is the Demons, who continue to rack up plenty of behinds which plays right into his hands before facing the Pies, who clearly give up the most points to defenders, just look at the field day Dyson Heppell (142) had last week. Either way, he is the top averaging defender and forward at 119 points per game and has a breakeven of just 51.

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The Traders' round six Fantasy wrap

Jack Ziebell racked up the biggest score of the season so far

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  • Jack Ziebell (DEF/FWD, $799,000) +$64,000
  • Lachie Ash (DEF/MID, $607,000) +$60,000
  • Nick Holman (FWD, $578,000) +$58,000
  • Jacob Koschitzke (FWD, $304,000) +$52,000
  • Tom Jonas (DEF, $451,000) +51,000


  • Nick Haynes (DEF, $480,000) -$57,000
  • Dustin Martin (MID/FWD, $637,000) -$56,000
  • Caleb Daniel (DEF, $592,000) -$53,000
  • Tom Lynch (FWD, $489,000) -$52,000
  • Zac Jones (MID, $570,000) -$29,000
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Dusty ruled out with concussion

Richmond superstar Dustin Martin is ruled out for the rest of the match after this incident

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  • Jordan Sweet (RUC, $200,000) - 8
  • Jy Farrar (FWD, $304,000) - 8
  • Atu Bosenavulagi (FWD, $266,000) - 7
  • Jacob Koschitzke (DEF/FWD, $304,000) - 6
  • Martin Frederick (DEF, $240,000) - 5


  • Tom Rockliff (MID, $818,000) 188
  • Luke McDonald (DEF, $635,000) 155
  • Dylan Shiel (MID, $722,000) 152
  • Stephen Coniglio (MID, $670,000) 151
  • Taylor Adams (MID, $752,000) 147


Dyson Heppell
DEF/MID, $628,000
The Bomber skipper has gained DPP and dominated against the Pies with a season high 142. That elevates his average to 99. He is owned by just four per cent of the competition and has a breakeven of 46. Worth noting that Pies do give up big numbers to half-backs. 

Steele Sidebottom
MID/FWD, $726,000
A move into the midfield was always on the cards and we saw it against the Dons with a team high 29 centre bounce attendances which converted to 88 per cent. Assuming this role continues he is great value following a season-high 130 and he has the added incentive of forward eligibility.

Adam Treloar
MID, $748,000
The star recruit has really hit his straps the last few weeks and it is reflected by his three-round average of 115. The injury to Dunkley may see a spike in his centre bounce attendances which will ensure the big scores keep rolling in for his seven per cent of coaches.

Also consider: Martin Frederick, Jy Farrar, Jack Ziebell.

Adam Treloar celebrates a goal against GWS in round six. Picture: AFL Photos


Lachie Hunter
MID/FWD, $678,000
The ball magnet should be a beneficiary of Dunkley’s injury and find himself spending more time on the wing where he is capable of producing monstrous scores. He has dropped 204K since the start of the year but is every chance to bounce back.

Jayden Short
DEF, $663,000
The hard running defender has dropped off the last couple of weeks after an outstanding start to the season. The return of Bachar Houli was always going to have an impact on his scoring but he loves to get his hands on the ball which will ensure he turns it around. He has a breakeven of 111. 

Tom Powell
MID/FWD, $467,000
The ball magnet cash cow knocked up the first triple figure score of his career which ensured his cash generation keeps on flowing. He has already increased in value by 221K but has a breakeven of just 21 following a three-round average of 89.

Also consider: Matt Flynn, Bailey Smith, Anthony Scott.


Josh Dunkley
Western Bulldogs
FWD/MID, $823,000
In devastating news, the star Dog has gone down with a shoulder injury that will keep him out for a significant amount of games. Despite missing time, he still managed to go out with 100 while averaging a monstrous 116 for the season.

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Dunkley dislocated shoulder sends shivers

The Bulldogs have a massive injury concern with star midfielder Josh Dunkley hurting his shoulder in this collision

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Lachie Neale
MID, $746,000
Things haven't gone the way of the Brownlow medallist this season and that is now compounded by the fact he requires surgery and will miss around eight weeks. He was a popular trade target last week given his significant drop in value and return to top form.

Dustin Martin
MID/FWD, $637,000
The superstar Tiger will miss next week through concussion protocols but it is his ongoing foot issues that remain a concern. There are whispers he may benefit from giving his foot some extra rest which would almost force his coaches to trade.

Also consider: Errol Gulden, James Jordon, Braeden Campbell.

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