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In today's episode ... Nat and Damo discuss Dustin Martin's trip to New Zealand and look at all the possible ramifications, including snap lockdowns. 

Damo and Nat also put the spotlight on the Carlton v Essendon blockbuster that is now a crunch match for both teams.


Quarter lengths and Jason McCartney's $20K fine are also one the menu, and there's heaps more.


In this episode ...

0:33 – How the AFL "missed its moment" to worry about quarter length

2:46 – The coaches' views on quarter length based on injuries

4:22 – Damo and Nat's opinions on how long a quarter should run for

5:49 – How Richmond should handle Dustin Martin

7:09 – Nat and Damo debate whether he should go

8:40 – Carlton and Essendon's crunch game

10:38 – Jason McCartney's fine is amount GWS "could do without"

11:28 – The AFL are too lenient on umpire disrespect