GEELONG coach Chris Scott has refused to blame a controversial decision not to award a “clear” mark to Jeremy Cameron in the dying seconds of the match for his side’s two-point loss to Sydney. 

The Cats’ star forward looked to have marked the ball just inside the boundary line about 10m from goal, but the umpire ruled that the kick from Brad Close’s boot had not travelled the required 15m.

If the mark was paid, Cameron would’ve had a set shot on his preferred left boot for the chance to win the match with only a few seconds left on the clock. 

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Cameron appeared to be certain he had taken a crucial mark, looking shocked and shaking his head in disbelief when the umpire explained his decision. 

Scott was also emphatic that Close’s kick had travelled at least 15m when Cameron claimed the mark. 

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"I've looked at the vision. It's clear it did,” Scott said. 

“But it's a different perspective for the umpire, he can't go back and replay the vision. They're tough calls.

"If Cameron had’ve had that shot, he's the best person to have the left footer from that spot. He rarely misses from there.”

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Scott added that he wouldn’t seek any sort of clarification or concession from the AFL about the decision as “it's clear."

The AFL conceded that umpires made the wrong call by not awarding Brisbane forward Zac Bailey a free kick when he tackled Cats opponent Mark Blicavs on the Lions' goal-line with less than 30 seconds remaining. Geelong hung on to win the round two clash by one point.

"It's not for me to speak on behalf of the AFL and what they should do,” Scott said. 

“They have a bit of a recent history of coming out and admitting their mistakes, which I think is probably the right thing to do. 

“But again, I think it's really difficult to say that on one hand, and I think we all agree with this, umpires don't determine the outcomes of games.”

John Longmire saw the controversial play live, but when asked if he thought the ball travelled the required distance before Cameron claimed it he wasn't willing to commit, saying, "I don't know, did it? I'm not saying anything about umpires, I know that.”

The Cameron incident came after Tom Papley had kicked a goal to put Sydney in front with 90 seconds remaining.

“It was great, good for the crowd, a good feeling after the game, fantastic. He enjoys it,” Longmire said.

“He's been really selfless this year. He's been terrific, squaring the ball up and bringing other players into the game. 

“For a smaller stature player in our front half, he has a big presence, not only with energy but he brings other players into the game and gives them an opportunity.”

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