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In today's episode ... Nat and Damo discuss the changes to teams announcement and an AFL poll that went yesterday that had an overwhelming vote from fans for the re-introduction of Thursday night teams over the current model where teams are released 24 hours ahead of the game 

Damo and Nat also put the spotlight on a rejuvenated Taylor Walker and his contract, and suggest that "astronomical" contract offers for Carlton's in-form forward Harry McKay will start to come soon.


The possibility of an extraordinary general meeting at Collingwood and the benefits of a stable boards (see West Coast, Sydney and Geelong) are also one the menu, and there's heaps more.


In this episode ....

0:28 – Will Taylor Walker play next year?

2:12 – The importance of senior players

3:01 – Tex's stunning form turnaround

4:08 – Harry McKay's worth and should his signature be a higher priority than Patrick Cripps 

7:53 – Jeff Browne election push at Collingwood

9:35 – The 'amazing' records clubs have when they get boardroom stability

11:46 – The popularity of releasing teams on Thursday and the fan vote that surely forces a change

12:42 – Why finding out the teams on a Thursday is a 'special part of the week'