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In today's episode ... Nat and Damo discuss the Tribunal's decision on Bayley Fritsch and wonder if mixed messages around contact to the head are being sent. 

Damo and Nat also consider possible replacements for under-fire Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley with a former Hawthorn champion at the top of the list.


The 7-0 Demons, a standalone women's season, and West Coast and Fremantle's concerning travel plans are also one the menu, and there's heaps more.


In this episode ...

0:25 – Sam Mitchell the coach

1:06 – Hawthorn's "Kirribilli arrangement" with Mitchell

4:54 – The "mixed message" the Tribunal has sent with the Fritsch verdict

6:04 – Why the verdict may have been wrong

7:13 – Adrian Anderson "gets to defend players from the system he created"

7:44 – Melbourne lid update: It's off – seven out of seven wins usually means top two

8:39 – Consequences of WA COVID situation for West Coast and Fremantle

10:34 – When should the AFLW season start?