IT'S OFFICIALLY upgrade season with some of the game's best players bottoming out in price and ripe for the picking.

Star Giant Josh Kelly (FWD/MID, $674,000) has made a successful move back to his fruitful wing role and is looming as a must-have in your forward line.

With so many value upgrade targets, it certainly puts the cash cows on notice and while some have responded with huge performances like Tom Powell (MID/FWD, $517,000), others have left themselves vulnerable and on the chopping block like fan favourite Errol Gulden (FWD/MID, $484,000).

For the best part of a decade we have turned to Pies when in need of some of the top scorers and although they have also been happy to let a few go to the opposition as well, rarely have our eyes lit up like they are now when identifying them as an opponent to chase points against.

Now we haven’t been overly kind to the Roos from an analytical Fantasy perspective in recent times but this week, there are a couple of blokes putting their hand up who could be huge. Firstly, their skipper Jack Ziebell (DEF/FWD, $828,000) is having an awesome year as the general down back with an average of 116 and when fit, his partner in crime Aaron Hall (DEF/FWD, $575,000) is also doing great things with scores of 123 and 143 within his last three games. Both will look to take full advantage of the huge uncontested marks that have been on offer against the Pies while Jaiden Stephenson (FWD/MID, $589,000) will also be looking to put of a show for his revenge game.

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The Traders' round seven Fantasy wrap

Roy names up some of his value trade targets after strong performances on the weekend.

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  • Tom Powell (MID/FWD, $517,000) +$50,000
  • Miles Bergman (DEF/FWD, $371,000) +$49,000
  • Ben Cunnington (MID, $598,000) +$44,000
  • Kayne Turner (FWD, $414,000) +$43,000
  • Miles Frederick (DEF, $241,000) +43,000


  • Ryan Clarke (MID, $518,000) -$54,000
  • Jordan DeGoey (FWD, $436,000) -$52,000
  • Jason Johannisen (DEF, $409,000) -$52,000
  • Issac Heeney (FWD, $487,000) -$50,000
  • Jordan Ridley (DEF, $652,000) -$48,000


  • Martin Frederick (DEF, $241,000) - 12
  • Ryan Byrnes (MID, $200,000) - 9
  • Jordan Sweet (RUC, $200,000) - 7
  • Nick Bryan (RUC, $195,000) - 4
  • Harry Edwards (DEF, $194,000) - 2


  • Tom Rockliff (MID, $818,000) 190
  • Max Gawn (RUC, $847,000) 156
  • Luke McDonald (DEF, $635,000) 156
  • Dylan Shiel (MID, $722,000) 154
  • Stephen Coniglio (MID, $670,000) 153


Josh Kelly
FWD/MID, $674,000
The star Giant appeared to be spending far more time up on the wing where we like him and his score reflected that with a season-high 121 from 27 possessions and 10 marks. He has dropped a total of $135K since the start of the season and is a bargain pickup.

Caleb Daniel
DEF, $575,000
The hard-running defender has been an absolute nightmare for his owners the last three weeks with a couple of subpar performances and a suspension. He certainly repaid the faith on the weekend with 112 which bottoms out his price. Jump on.

Aaron Hall
DEF/FWD, $575,000
The line breaking Roo is not a pick for the faint hearted but while he is rolling, it will be one hell of a ride. Injury is the biggest risk, but his ceiling is hard to ignore with scores of 123 and 143 within his last three games. He has a BE of just 38.

Also consider: Martin Frederick, Ryan Byrnes, Riley Collier-Dawkins.

Aaron Hall celebrates a goal against Geelong in round five. Picture: AFL Photos


Tom Powell
MID/FWD, $517,000
It may be upgrade season, but this rookie is going nowhere. He is an absolute gun. For the second week in a row he has reached triple figures after overcoming a big knock to return to the ground for 104. He has a BE of 26 and can sit in the forward line for the year at this rate.

James Jordon
MID, $439,000
After a run of games with low time on ground, Jordan was back up over 72 per cent and his score reflected that with 91 from 20 possessions and seven tackles. That gives him a breakeven of just 42 which means there is still plenty of growth for the hard working Demon.

Miles Bergman
DEF/FWD, $371,000
In a tough outing for the Power where many players struggled to get their hands on the ball, the youngster defied the trend and had a huge second half which included a goal to finish the game on 83. He has a breakeven of just seven.

Also consider: Chad Warner, Lachie Hunter, Reilly O’Brien.


Taylor Walker
FWD, $616,000
What an outstanding ride it has been for big Tex, increasing his value by a whopping $250K since the start of the year. Unfortunately, his scores are drying up and it looks like a good time to upgrade while he is at top dollar with a BE of 134.

Errol Gulden
FWD/MID, $484,000
The Swan sensation has been an absolute revelation after increasing $276K since the start of the year. He has averaged an impressive 78 for the season but that has dropped to 60 in the last three and his BE has increased to 83. A nice time to upgrade.

Orazio Fantasia
DEF/FWD, $470,000
The Power recruit has had an outstanding start to his career in teal but his score of 34 on the weekend is a reminder of how hard it can be to score consistently in the small forward role. His score of 34 leaves him with a BE of 80.

Also consider: Jordan DeGoey, Matt Flynn, Braeden Campbell.

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